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Cospolich Revolutionizes Galley Equipment Installation with Modular Design

The modular galley design by Cospolich was created to assist Naval shipboard installation and re-outfitting of vessels. Before, the Navy would have to take a ship out of service, and it would cost millions of dollars jus

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A Brief History of Cospolich

  August 28, 2017 Cospolich is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of food storage units for marine, institutional, and hospitality industries. But how did Cospolich emerge from modest beginnings to beco

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Cospolich Quality Shipboard Food Service Equipment Brings Customer Satisfaction

  For those working in the marine industry, life at sea can be a challenge. Crew members are often away from home for long periods of time, so comforts like a nutritious, great-tasting meal are essential to their

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