Stainless Steel Scullery Dresser

Stainless Steel Scullery Dresser
Stainless Steel Fab.pdf
Stainless Steel Fab.pdf
( Stainless Steel Galley Fabrication )
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Customer Part : GCA-04-01.033

Cospolich 304 Stainless Steel Scullery Dresser 

194.5” wide x 31.81” Depth x 33.5” High  

Shipping Weight: 2088 lbs

 Features:  —Stainless Steel Worktop w/ Marine Edge and Backsplash

                   — Stainless Steel  legs sets w/ Marine  Style, adjustable feet

                   — 3 Stainless Steel integrated sinks, one of the 3 sinks to have cutout for customer    


Capable to meet all CLASSES, all DIVISIONS, and all GROUPS for HAZARDOUS DUTY / EXPLOSION PROOF Equipment.